Regional Matrix of New Wineskin Leadership

What God is searching for amongst the mission-minded people of the world, is the understanding and corresponding alignment of focus to His Biblical plan for the establishing of His Kingdom in the Earth. There is but one:

       It is through Zion: 

the Arising, Maturing, Intercessory,  Worshiping Warrior Bridal  Church!

It is through the Church that the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.  It is time for spiritual fathers and mothers to prepare this arising generation to recognize this signal Truth: the Church they are looking for shall only be found as they arise, mature, and take their place: for  IT IS WITHIN THEM!   


                                                  This is the travail of all Creation.

                                                                    This is our passion. 

                                                                    This is our purpose.

[We are located in the spectacular Central Pacific Coastal Mountains of Costa Rica approximately 35 minutes inland from Hermosa Beach on Costa Rica's west coast. It is a 2 1/2 hour scenic drive through the tropical mountain towns and villages from the capital of San Jose. 

                              [We are 3 kilometers west of Christo Rey La Gloria!]


  • There are six Institutes we are establishing within the Leadership Matrix; all of which are to be            under-girded by a foundation of              an inter-generational, educational,      and sustainable community.

      1. Institute of Biblical Studies

          [Bread of Faces]

      2. Institute of Intercessory                                          Worship

          [Royal Priesthood]

      3. Institute of Creative Arts

          [Artisan Theologians]

      4. Institute of Societal Transformation

          [Seven Primary Sectors]

      5. Institute of 5-Fold 4 Kids

          [Ministers to Children]

      6. Institute of  Communications

          [Multi-Media Broadcasting]

Beautiful Beaches

  Precious people!

The WyldeLife Sanctuary is 35 minutes above the Central Pacific coastline of Costa Rica. Playas' Jaco, Hermosa, Esterillos, Bejuco, and Quepos are all within a 45 minute drive from our base. From tranquil jewels to tourist meccas with some hosting  international surf contests, all are awaiting exploration and strategic ministry from Kingdom ambassadors!



bible school

The Wyldelife Sanctuary Ministry mandate

To Reach and Disciple the Young of the Nations to Reach and Disciple the Nations



Jim and Pat McGinnes have been faithfully ministering in Costa Rica for over 45 years and have impacted the nation in almost every arena of society by raising up and discipling leaders. from government, to the church , to the marketplace and beyond, they  are a true apostolic couple  with wisdom and authority. 


The wyldelife sanctuary of costa rica property

160 Acres set apart and consecrated to God  for an inter-generational, educational, sustainable community identifying,  recognizing,  enabling, maturing , and releasing  new wineskin  nuclear teams unto the nations of their assignments!