By Divine Design all of Creation is meant to live a Vibrant Life of resonation with Creative Purpose. Human society is polluted, sick and broken. We have selfishly abused the Creation (including one other), while pridefully ignoring the God of Creation. We cannot continuously break the Laws of Nature and Nature's God without being broken ourselves!

Today's land development practices are harmful. Our processed foods are fueling sickness and disease. Greed and lust for power corrupt multitudes as the bottom line reigns "Supreme". Natural resources are seen as commodities to be possessed, utilized, and consumed for profit rather than treasured while being stewarded with integrity and preserved for posterity.

Mankind has abandoned God's original mandate of stewardship of the Earth given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Our planet is convulsing in agonized protest!

It is time for a new breed of humble pioneers to arise and champion the cause of Creative Purpose and turn society towards a New Life of harmony with the Creator, His Creation, and His Ways!  

kingdom sustainability

1. Spiritual Health and Development

2. Alternative Housing and Energy Development

3. Clean Water Procurement and Preservation

4. Agricultural Development and Animal Husbandry

5. Economic Development and Entrepreneurial Start-ups

WyldeLife Community

A micro-community model established as a living laboratory of missions possibilities.